Documentary Reality: Initial Ideas, first concept & influence

I have started of my research for this project by looking at Photographers such as Pep Bonet, Jill Furmanovsky, Andrew Shaylor and Roger Sargent.

I came across a book called 25 years of rock photography (Furmanovsky and Brody, 1995), in this book it shows the many decades of work which Jill has done with acts such as The Police, Mick Jagger, Oasis and Pink Floyd; just to name a few. This drew me to the idea of documenting bands, while on stage, backstage and also posed portraits of the band members. At the same time as this I came across Pep Bonet and his Röadkill – Motörhead series as well as We the people of Wacken. Röadkill really goes into depth to show the life of the members while they are on tour, setting up for shows/soundcheck, playing to the audience as well as their life traveling (in the tour bus, airport and at hotels) and also photos of their fans. I think this series gives the viewer a detailed look into the life of motorhead on the road, “The pictures are so evocative you can almost smell life on world tour with Motörhead. Forget reality TV shows. This is reality. To be relished.” (Brian May). I really enjoyed this series and wanted it to be the main influence for my project.

I have also took inspiration from the work of Andrew Shaylor and his book/series on The Hells Angels Motorcycle Club. This includes portraits of the members, their belongings and where they spend their time. This series was interesting to me as it took almost the same form as the Röadkill series by Bonet but instead of worldwide rockstars it was focused on the famously known and feared Hells Angels. Roger Sargent is another photographer who photographed bands on the road, he produced two series which included The Vaccines.

My idea for this project is that I want to focus on documenting a local band at their shows. I would like to keep it in the style of Bonet, editing into black & white as a final format. While photographing I want to capture the spirit of the band, their friendship and also what happens behind the scenes to help create a story.

Pep Bonet

Jill Furmanovsky

Andrew Shaylor

Roger Sargent


Websites/Image Sources 

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